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The history 15 December 18  
Our milling activity began in the mid 1950s when our father, Felice Marino, learned that there was a small mill for sale in the town of Cossano Belbo, complete with the original mill stones and rollers. Fascinated by the milling activity, he decided to buy it. Together with his wife and her parents, he began to produce a range of flours. At the time, it was mainly the roller mill that was used to produce "easy to work" and "fast to bake" flours — a symbol of modern times taking their toll. The products were widely distributed and and used mainly by bakers for bread making. Fast foods and the additives and preservatives they contain (up-graders and thickeners) have brought about a variety of health problems, such as obesity, colitis, hypertension, diabetes and food intolerance. This has led to an increasing trend away from fast foods in favour of the genuine simplicity and goodness of traditional foods. In this new context we believe we have found our mission.
Thanks to the natural old Franc mill stones (that have never stopped working over all these years) we bagan to grind traditional, biologically farmed cereals, pure ground, that have been neither hybridized nor genetically altered. We have three natural stone mills, one for our "Otto File" (eight rows) maize — a precious original variety from the Langhe, one fer the hard and soft grains and the third for those varieties that address food intolerance (spelt, enkir, rye, buckwheat, kamut, chickpea, barley and chestnut). We are fortunate that as a result of our father’s many years experience, we are able to carry out the delicate hammering procedure ourselves to dress the mill stones. The passion we inherited from our father has been passed on to the next generation and now our children also work with us.
Marino Felice SNC di Marino Ferdinando e Flavio
Via caduti per la patria, 41 - 12054 Cossano Belbo (CN)ITALY
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